Mobileye® 5 and 6 Series

The Mobileye collision avoidance system helps drivers by acting as a “third eye”, constantly monitoring the road in front of the vehicle. It identifies potentially dangerous situations, and provides audio and visual alerts to assist the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision.

Mobileye® 5 and 6 Series – collision avoidance systems equipped with a single forward-facing vision sensor created for drivers of all vehicle types. Mobileye alerts operators to potential collisions in real-time.

The Mobileye 6 Series, includes a single forward-facing vision sensor, enabling vehicles to comply with the European Union regulation for Lane Departure Warning Systems.

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Pedestrian & Cyclist
Collision Warning

Forward Collision

Speed Limit

Headway Monitoring
& Warning

Intelligent High-Beam

Lane Departure


Mobileye Shield +™

Mobileye Shield +™ is the most advanced collision avoidance system available on the market for lorries, buses and commercials vehicles; it can be retrofitted to any vehicle. It supports the targets of the Vision Zero Initiative.

This revolutionary driver assistance technology empowers drivers to avoid and mitigate imminent collisions, protecting the most vulnerable and difficult to observe road users: cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Our original safety solution includes strategically placed multi-vision smart cameras and interior display modules that alert the driver both visually and audibly if a pedestrian or cyclist is in the driver’s blind spot.

Our collision avoidance system includes the following lifesaving features:
– Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning (Mobileye PCW)
– Forward Collision Warning (Mobileye FCW)
– Headway Monitoring Warning (Mobileye HMW)
– Lane Departure Warning (Mobileye LDW)
– Speed Limit Indicator (Mobileye SLI)
– Unlike other collision detection systems, our smart solution uses award-winning image recognition software to reduce unnecessary warnings, which can desensitise drivers over time; Mobileye Shield +™ only alerts drivers if a collision is imminent with vulnerable road users, not inanimate objects.

In addition, this solution includes a full telematics system which tracks the vehicle and reports all warnings made by the Mobileye System to your fleet management system, providing fleet managers with valuable information about their drivers’ daily driving behaviour.

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