Forward Collision Warning
The FCW alerts you up to 2.7 seconds before an imminent collision with a vehicle or motorcycle ahead, both on highway and in urban areas.
Under 30kph/19mph, Urban FCW alerts with a double beep, acting as a 4 meter virtual bumper as well.
The FCW alerts is always active, works from 30kph/19mph and cannot be disabled, muted or adjusted.
Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning
The PCW alerts you up to 2 seconds before imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead, allowing you enough time to react.
1. Operational during daylight hours only and at speed under 50kph/31mph.
2. PCW cannot be disabled or muted.
3. Danger zone-rectangle of 30m/99ft length (starting from the front bumper of the car) and 1.8 m/6ft from each side of the vehicle.
Lane Departure Warning
The LDW alerts you with visual and audio warnings when there is an unintentional deviation from the driving lane without signaling.

Yellow lane icon appears when LDW is not available; white lane icon appears when it is.

The LDW is active:
At speed greater than 35kph/21mph.
The LDW is inactive:
1. When the driver uses the turn signals before changing lanes.
2. Below 35kph/21mph.
3. If lanes are unmarked or poorly marked.
4. The system has been muted.
5.A sharp turn is made.
Headway Monitoring Warning
HMW assists the driver in keeping a safe driving distance from the vehicle in front, by issuing an alert when the headway distance to the vehicle ahead becomes dangerous (less than 2 seconds)

HMW displays the distance (measured in seconds) to the current position of the vehicle in front and issues an alert if the distance is lower than or equal to a predefined threshold.

Green vehicle icon signifies safe headway; red icon unsafe.

HMW is available:
When speed is greater than 30kph/19 mph.
HMW alert is not active:
1. When speed is below 30kph/19 mph.
2. The alert has been muted.
3. When a passing vehicle cuts in front of you in your lane and drives away quickly.
Speed Limit Indication
The system detects speed limit signs and notifies the driver when the last speed sign has been passed.

The SLI provides an alert when the vehicle’s speed exceeds the legal speed.

SLI is available:

At any speed, at any time of day; however, functionality depends on traffic sign visibility.

SLI is unavailable:
When visibility is poor.

Traffic Sign Recognition
The system detects and classifies various traffic signs and notifies the driver of such signs.
The Detected Traffic Sign will be shown as a large icon for one second.
The last detected Traffic Sign will be shown as a minimized icon. ;

TSR is available
At any speed, at any time of day, however, functionality depends on traffic sign visibility.

TSR is unavailable:
When visibility is poor.

Intelligent High Beam Control
The IHC assists the driver in controlling the vehicle’s High-beams and increases their correct use.
IHC automatically switches Low-beams to High Beams on dark roads, when no traffic is in close proximity to your vehicle.
Green headlight icon signifies the control is enable. Blue headlight icon signifies the the feature is active.
– IHC is available when speed is greater than 35kph/21mph.
– IHC feature requires setup during initial system.
– IHC feature needs to enabled by the driver on the Eye Watch display unit.
Brightness Press 1 time, the brigthness icon will appear.
Press again. The brightness level icon will appear. Press (+/-) to increase/decrease brightness.
There are 5 possible levels (1-5). System automatically adjust brightness for day and night.
Volume Press (+/-) to increase/decrease volume. There are 6 volume levels (0-5). Note: When volume is set to 0 (mute), LDW and HMW will also be muted. FCW and PCW cannot be muted and will default to level 3.